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Robert Helms Unlocking True You
The Keys to Setting and Achieving Goals That Matter


We’re so excited to have partnered with Robert Helms in bringing you this phenomenal, new Goal-Setting Program via a 2-part Video and accompanying worksheets.

Now, I feel like we might need to address the whole, “Oh, another goal setting program?” thought some of you might have just had… Yeah, you’ll find we call it like it is here at the Lessons From Network. I know you’re going to like that about us.

There are usually 2 “camps” when it comes to goal-setting…

1. Die-hards: Those who believe in and utilize the power of goal-setting on a regular basis to direct their lives and achieve their dreams

2. Skeptics: Those who have tried goal-setting in the past and it just didn’t net the results they thought it should have The great news?

This program is designed for both groups!

So what qualifies Robert Helms in this particular area?

First of all, I’ve known Robert for 20+ years. He is a phenomenal human being!

But in specifically terms of goal-setting, he created and has hosted this annual 2-day Incredible, Goal-Setting Retreat for the past 12 years. Some people have attended every year that he’s hosted and the feedback from attendees is that this event is the most life-changing, incredible, effective and inspiring goal-setting program they’ve ever participated in. Robert has honed this into an art form.

Because of that we asked Robert to take the very best from those 2 days and pour all the inspiration, compelling questions, mind-expanding exercises and relevant information into this special 2-part video series he created exclusively for our Lessons From Network community.

In Part 1 Robert shares the art and science of effectively setting goals in order to turn your dreams into reality. He’ll help you take stock of where you are in life and show you how your unique skills, talents, and passions–the things you are truly good at–can help you define your major purpose and build the life you truly desire. You’ll learn the seven characteristics of goal setting and how to consistently apply them to all areas of your life.

Be sure to download and utilize the accompanying worksheets for greater impact as you go through the video!

We are confident you’ll be inspired and compelled to design and create a powerful 2014!

Kyle Wilson
The Lessons From Network

Goal Setting: Unlock the True You – Part 1

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