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Carmen Coker’s 7 Days To A More Organized You

Most people equate the clutter in their life to one word — stuff. Organizing is more than managing your belongings. It’s managing you, and all aspects of your life, so you feel balanced and in control. There are 6 types of clutter that play a part in day-to-day life. It may seem overwhelming to change, but each step of 7 Days to a More Organized You will help you begin to conquer all of the clutter types. The result is sure to simplify your life, and quickly propel you toward a new, more organized you. Download the eBook here.

Chris Widener’s Extraordinary Leaders!
Extraordinary Leaders is chock-full of secrets for moving people beyond the ordinary and into extraordinary leadership. The topic of leadership is and continues to be one of the most vital topics discussed. Everyone is a leader in some way! Download here.

Chris Pirillo’s Top 140 Twitter Tips
A straightforward, concise compendium of useful guidelines and helpful hints for every kind of Twitter user, from doing-it-wrong noobs to social media addicts. Get your 140 Tips here.

Success with Substance – 20 Insights that Result in REALLY Living and TRULY Succeeding
Donna shares the Success Secrets she has learned that go way beyond just making money to building a life of substance. Download here.

7 Core Habits of Successfully Healthy People
Dr.Christopher Burton shares the key priciples to achieve health and fitness in his no-nonesense eBook 7 Core Habits of Successfully Healthy People.
Download here.

Ron White’s Lessons From Baseball
Ron White’s Lessons From Baseball includes stories, lessons and quotes from the games iconic heroes. A must for the baseball enthusiast! Download here.

A Conversation With Bob Burg – Lessons on Bringing Value!
Bob Burg, co-author of the international best-seller The Go-Giver, shares powerful insights on how to take your life and business to the next level by being and becoming more valuable. Bob discusses the 5 elements of value: Excellence, consistency, attention, empathy and appreciation and goes on to share the importance of why we must learn how to receive as well as give. This is a powerful interview! Download here.

Confessions Of A Recovering Procrastinator By Jeffrey Combs
Procrastination is probably something we’ve all struggled with at one time or another… Recently, we asked Jeff Combs, the author of our upcoming book Lessons From Procrastination, to share his best remedies for overcoming procrastination. Download here.